Featured Writing Q & A, Day 3

By | May 22, 2013

This question kind of ties in with the last sentence of yesterday’s answer. ‘Remember, if you’re in omniscient/omnipresent POV you cannot relay emotion, you must be in a character’s POV.’ That brings me to today’s question.

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Today’s Question: Why can’t I convey emotions in the omnipresent point of view?

Answer: Omnipresent POV is the same as the ‘God-like’ POV and author POV (omniscient). This type of viewpoint is to be avoided since it is not a person and cannot offer any emotion to the reader because it is ‘telling’ what is happening rather than allowing the reader to experience the scene through one of the main characters’ POV. Emotion is a critical element of fiction, and your writing needs to address that part of human nature in order to give the reader a truly enjoyable experience while reading your work.

(All answers via Kathleen Garnsey’s ‘ACES Writer’s Advice Dictionary’.)