Featured Writing Q & A, Day 2

By | May 21, 2013

When I was asked today’s question, I felt compelled to look at the guy and say, “Really?” But I didn’t, I just answered the best I could.

Talking to Sleuth’s Ink at their May meeting, I tried to emphasize how to show your reader what you’re character’s are doing, not to tell them. This question holds a key word on how to do just that.

Today’s Question: Why do you think it’s so important to add emotion to a story?

Answer: Because emotion is what makes the reader “feel”, makes them laugh and cry, makes them identify with your characters, and care whether they succeed, live or die. Without emotion you have no story. It is a critical element in all genres of writing.¬†Writing with emotion requires practice, but it’s what separates good writers from average writers, the published from the non-published. You know the basic emotions; love, hate, jealousy, depression, happiness, loneliness, compassion, and pure joy. Insure that each of your characters experiences emotions, because as your character experiences, so does your reader. Remember, if you’re in¬†omniscient/omnipresent POV you cannot relay emotion, you must be in a character’s POV.