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Family Photos

Yesterday was a great day! Our daughter-in-law… DIL for short… suggested we have a family photo taken at one of those, old time photo places. It took a little doing, but yesterday we gathered up 10 family members and headed to Branson. What a hoot! First, of course when you’re dealing with teenage girls, there […]

Featured Writing Q & A, Day…a few day’s late!

My apologies! I’ve been out of commission since the weekend, but hopefully I’ll get caught up soon. When we create a character, they have a personality, mannerisms unique to them and many other things that make up that character. I think that’s why today’s question is important. Today’s Question: Is it okay for me to […]

Featured Writing Q & A, Day 4

Unfortunately I told you a little white lie. I forgot I’m going to be out of town this weekend, so won’t be posting Saturday or Sunday. I promise to catch up. I’d like to see some comments and questions come in. At least I’d know someone might be getting some good out of this. LOL […]

Featured Writing Q & A, Day 3

This question kind of ties in with the last sentence of yesterday’s answer. ‘Remember, if you’re in omniscient/omnipresent POV you cannot relay emotion, you must be in a character’s POV.’ That brings me to today’s question. By the way, if you have a question, please feel free to email me at I’ll be glad to […]

Featured Writing Q & A, Day 2

When I was asked today’s question, I felt compelled to look at the guy and say, “Really?” But I didn’t, I just answered the best I could. Talking to Sleuth’s Ink at their May meeting, I tried to emphasize how to show your reader what you’re character’s are doing, not to tell them. This question […]