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Family Photos

Yesterday was a great day!

Our daughter-in-law… DIL for short… suggested we have a family photo taken at one of those, old time photo places. It took a little doing, but yesterday we gathered up 10 family members and headed to Branson. What a hoot!

First, of course when you’re dealing with teenage girls, there was the drama of hair, makeup, who’s going to ride in what car, can my boyfriend go… However, the best question I got was from my 17 year old granddaughter who wanted to know if she could wear a red bandana on her head so she didn’t have to do her hair. My reply, “Hahahahaha. No.” She ended up looking so beautiful in the pictures… Without a bandana. ;)

After we arrived in Branson there was the, which old time photo place is it, question. We went to the wrong one so had to turn around and go somewhere else, almost making us late for our appointment.  We made it in the nick of time and were greeted by a friendly staff when we went inside.

Costumes all picked out and donned, we were ready to go and headed for the studio. Talk about complete confusion, two year old greatgrand running around with a toy gun shooting everyone, seven year old not wanting to wear a dress, but boots, jeans and a hat like her daddy (she looked adorable), girls giggling, Poppa waiting patiently, and Gado, that’s me, (why they call me Gado is another story) trying to grab the two year old without my hinny hanging out the back of my costume! Not really, I had on shorts. =)

Finally, things settled and some organization set in. Our photographers were wonderful! They kept everyone in line, and though they were pretty fast, it still took about two hours to do the shoot. Then another hour to pick photos and frames then pay the bill. OUCH!

All in all it was wonderful! We laughed, cried then laughed some more. Went out for a great meal then the ‘tired’ overcame our crew and we were ready to head home.

I love my family and my handsome husband.

Yesterday was a great day!