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I live in the beautiful Ozarks with my husband and our Cocker Spanial, Dude. I have eight grandkids and four great grands, and one on the way…that’s right, I’m too young, I know… =) However, I love each and every one of them with all my heart, and wouldn’t change a thing.

My interest in writing novels came in the early 1990′s. A friend suggested we write a book together, so I took her up on it. I joined Ozarks Romance Authors and a whole new world opened up for me. I absolutely love writing, editing, publishing and teaching the basics of writing to others. Please visit my Sharon Kizziah-Holmes Author Page on Amazon.

Hubby and I are retired road musicians. We have a boutique recording studio in our home and record everything from karaoke singles, live bands to audio books.

We’ve published our music for quite some time, but publishing books has become a big part of my life. Paperback-Press is an indie author publishing company. We are a service provider who helps indie authors self publish fast and affordably. We also own the imprints e-book Press, Kids Book Press and Audio Book Press. Please visit my website for more information. www.paperback-press.com

For years I’ve done cover design, e-book formatting and print book formatting for myself and other independent authors. Over the last couple of years, besides indie authors, I’ve helped traditionally published authors, who have gotten their rights back, bring their manuscripts up to date, then self-publish on e-book. Now we offer paperback publishing as well.

I’ll never give up writing, it’s my passion. However, I have to say, helping others become published holds a close second.

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Sharon Kizziah-Holmes